Sunday, 26 June 2011

untuk bigbear agi! :D

    The graph in figure 1 shows the annual sales of Southern Book Store between January to December for the year 2005, 2006 and 2007.
     In general, the annual sales of Southern Book Store are remaining the same from January to December in 2005. The annual sale increase and decrease slightly throughout the year 2006. In 2007, the annual sale decreased until March at which point the sale increased rapidly before it remain the same between August to December.  
      The annual sale in 2005 remains the same which is 2000 copies between Januarys to December. In 2006, the sale increase from 4000 copies for January to 5000 copies in February. The sale rise and fall between March to September and the highest sale are 5500 copies in April while, the lowest sale is 3500 copies in Jun. Annual sales decreases between September to December from 5000 copies to 3500 copies in year 2006. The annual sale for year 2007 start from 3000 copies in January decrease to 2000 copies in March. The annual sale sharply increases from 2000 copies in March to 8000 copies in August and the sale remains constant between Augusts to December for the year 2007.
      In summary, we can see that the annual sale of Southern Book Store is different in 2005, 2006 and 2007. This is because of the economic situation in our country in each year that effect the sales as the sales depends on the costumer finance.

MUET bigbear! :D

The graph in figure 2 shows the total sales of reading material for four quarter in year 2007.
     In general, sales of reading material which are best seller, text book and magazine increase in every quarter of year 2007. While workbook sales remain at the same level except in 2nd quarter due to non-examination season as the entire student have to focus on co-curriculum.
     Sales of best seller reading material increase from 2000 copies in 1st quarter to 7000 copies in 2nd quarter. The sales of best seller reading materials rapidly increase to 14 000 copies in the 3rd quarter and remain same until the 4th quarter of year 2007. Sales of textbook reading material is 3000 copies for 1st and 2nd quarter but slightly increase to 5000 copies in 3rd quarter and 7000 copies in 4th quarter of the year 2007. Workbook sales fall from 2000 copies in 1st quarter to 1000 copies in 2nd quarter but rise to the actual number of sale which is 2000 copies in 3rd quarter and 4th quarter of the year 2007. Magazine is the lowest sales as the bookstore manage to sale 500 copies in 1st and 2nd quarter in the year 2007. The sales of magazine grow slowly to 1000 copies in 3rd and 4th quarter of the year 2007.
      In summary, we can see that the sales of reading material increase in each quarter of the year 2007. Importance of the reading material in each quarter affected the sale of the reading material.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Inequality is MANGO!

           Inequality happens in many countries and there are lots of things can be the causes of inequality. Inequality happens in United State, Rusia and Japan. I do think that inequality happened mostly in developed country. The causes of inequality to happen is when man and woman put a gap in between their ability for example, ability to lead a country. Inequality happen in my country which is Malaysia and the issues of inequality in Malaysia is man can be a better leader than woman.
             Leader should be a man. It is not easy to become a leader as leader needs to do hard works and facing problem every single day. As a leader, they should prepare themselves well in terms of physical and mental in order to lead a country or an organization well. We can see that man have well physical and mental state that required as criteria to be a good leader. Man can think rationally and do not easy to get depressed even after they facing a hardship throughout the day. Another advantage for man is that they have a stronger physical that can help them to do the hard work together with their workers and not only to point a finger and give commands. From the statement above, inequality happens obviously but the thing is nurture effect the nature which is man is more capable to be a good leader than a woman.
           Inequality between man and woman is being reduced nowadays. Reducing inequality can lead to a better life and abolish nonsense issues between man and woman. Reducing inequality shows that as human we can tolerate rather than fighting towards each other to prove who the best between man and woman is. In Malaysia, not only man who holding a position and conquer the parliament. Woman also becomes a part of parliament nowadays to show that woman can run the duty as a leader as well as man. It is true that there is still no woman who holds a position as a prime minister in Malaysia but there is certain country who believes in woman integrity as a leader. For instance, Maria Gloria Macapagal Aroyo has become a prime minister in Philippines. Country such as Australia also follows the steps to let woman lead the country and let Julian Gillard become a prime minister. This statement shows that inequality between man and woman is being reduced time by time. Issues on gender inequality supposed not to be raised as it will lead to unsatisfactory between man and woman.
                  As a conclusion, inequality does exist in our daily life. It is happened world wide and not only in a several country. Malaysia also faces with the inequality problem which is inequality between man and woman. Malaysian trust that man is more capable to be a leader and woman do not have enough talent to be a good leader like a man. However, inequality between man and woman is being reduce nowadays and woman should take this opportunities to prove that woman also can do what a man do and inequality between man and woman will be abolish forever.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Nothing gonna change my love for you !

If I had to live my life without you near me
sungguh aku sayang kamu!
The days would all be empty
The nights would seem so long
With you I see forever oh so clearly
I might have been in love before
But it never felt this strong
Our dreams are young
And we both know they'll take us
Where we want to go

Hold me now
Touch me now
I don't want to live without you

Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought know by now how much I love you
One thing you can be sure of
I'll never ask for more than your love

Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought know by now how much I love you   
The world may change my whole life through
But nothing's gonna change my love for you

If the road ahead is not so easy,
Our love will lead the way for us
Like a guiding star
I'll be there for you if you should need me
You don't have to change a thing
I love you just the way you are
So come with me and share the view
I'll help you see forever too

Maharaja Lawak live at JB !

"what a beautiful night! what a great performance!! what a supporting crowd!!!"

statement above describe how fantastic Maharaja Lawak live at JB ! I'm one of the crowd in the stadium yesterday. the event was held in Dewan tertutup MBJB , JOHOR. i decide to watch it live because this is the first time maharaja lawak performed live in JB. besides that, i would like to see all my favorite jokers face to face! you may have astro at your home but the experiences i gain was precious. Jokers who involved in the competition yesterday were JOZAN, JAMBU, NABIL, SEPAH, and R2.  

But my favorite is JAMBU!! I attracted at their joke since the first episode maharaja lawak. i went there with a pink shirt as a symbol that i am his follower! they will be in the final dude and it is not to late to vote for them. well, you can make a differences! 
in my opinion, yesterday was SEPAH'S night. i said so because of they are JOHOREAN and they performing for all johorean as if yesterday was a final. i really do in a cloud nine because of their performances. i noticed that they were all awesome and i think that all of them are champion!! 

it is not easy to get the ticket dude. a lot of people for instant, elder cititzen (makcik), teenage girls and people with asthma collapse in the middle of harsh crowd!! OMG!! it was an event that deal with life and death. i don't care about that because i manage to get the ticket and i am a strong man who did not collapse!!! even my friend who line up early could not get even one ticket!! thanks allah!! remember of what my father said "buat sesuatu kena ada hasil !" i cling on your words abah!! ^^ 
that is all about my experiences for being a spectators. i do enjoy the night as i was dancing in the moonlight. hahaa. :D peace yoo!! 


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

That thing you do - The wonders!

I love you so fcuking damn much bigbear!

Doin' that thing you do,
Breaking my heart into a million pieces,
Like you always do
And you,
Don't mean to be cruel,
You never even knew about the heartache,
I've been going through
Well I try and try to forget you girl,
But it's just so hard to do,
Every time you do that thing you do

Know all the games you play,
And I'm gonna find a way to let you know that,
You'll be mine someday
'Cause we,
Could be happy can't you see,
If you'd only let me be the one to hold you,
And keep you here with me
'Cause I try and try to forget you girl,
But it's just so hard to do,
Every time you do that thing you do

I don't ask a lot girl,
But I know one thing's for sure,
It's the love I haven't got girl,
And I just can't take it anymore

'Cause we,
Could be happy can't you see,
If you'd only let me be the one to hold you,
And keep you here with me
Cause it hurts me so just to see you go,
Around with someone new,
And if I know you you're doin' that thing,
Every day just doin' that thing,
I can't take you doing that thing you do

Band 3 kawe legend !

Have u ever heard of the word MUET? MUET can be defined as Malaysian University English Test. It sounds great but for me as a TESL student I do take it seriously because it reflects my proficiency in English. This is the first time I take MUET and yet I managed to get band 3. OMG!! What a terrible result for TESL student. As a TESL student I must get at least band 4 that qualify me to proceed in my degree program. For me I have failed and I really do sad!! =”(

Reason why I sad?

I do have a high expectation on my MUET result. It is true that I did not revise well for MUET but I do confident with my English! One words to describe it “WTF” (or in Malay ‘bhuto!’) I also sad because I need to reseat MUET next semester at the same time I need to focus on my final. It is quite difficult to focus on two things at the same time. I need to focus on LDV, LDS, ES and SS dude!!! Can anyone understand my feeling right now? I need to spend RM 60 to reseat MUET and that is the third reason why I feel sad. =”( it is all about money dude!! Errrgh! Lucky for those got band 4 for their MUET because they can eat double cheese burger at Mc Donald for 6 times!! 6 set of double cheese burger is RM 60 but I have to spend it for MUET. What a waste!! =.=”

Congratulation to all my friends that got band 4 for their MUET!!!!

I have done several testimonials from the student about what they think of band 3! Check it out!!! Whuut.whuuut. =O

Nazrin Naz said “great bro!!! congratulation for your band 3. I also got band 3 and I will further my studies in engineering without any problems!”
* The problem is I am TESL student dude not engineering like you. =’(

Safiuddin Khir said “congratulation! I am happy with my band 3. yeaaayyy!! At least I got a band. hahaa. :D “
*happy with your band 3?  =.=”

Suhana Hashim said “I got band 3 because I take it without study anything. U are TESL student and I bet u do much better! Amar Arifin is a clever boy. :D”
*sukee ati ko lar sue. :p

Naim Mahadi said “there is no luck for us Amar! Don’t be sad because we can get band 6 next MUET. :D”
*I never dream to get band 6.  :’(

Arif Kubi said “why are you so tension? Let’s repeat those papers! “
*If and only if I can be as calm as you.

Kibod Beez said “result ko bape siaa?”
*speak English dude! :p

Moral of the story are do not be too confident with your knowledge on certain subject. Learning process is an unstoppable process of life. I promise to get my band 4 in the next semester. I always remember my father’s advised which is “buat sesuatu kena ada hasil! Kalo xdew hasil baik tak payah! Buang masa jerk!!!”  This is the first time I cannot reach my target abah. “selama nie ap gua ckp gua x penah buat ker?” sound rude right? =.=” what a sad feeling I had to bear alone deep in my heart! <3 I do thankful with my result but I will not satisfied because I deserved band 4!!! Thanks a lot for reading. I love my bigbear!!! ^^