Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Band 3 kawe legend !

Have u ever heard of the word MUET? MUET can be defined as Malaysian University English Test. It sounds great but for me as a TESL student I do take it seriously because it reflects my proficiency in English. This is the first time I take MUET and yet I managed to get band 3. OMG!! What a terrible result for TESL student. As a TESL student I must get at least band 4 that qualify me to proceed in my degree program. For me I have failed and I really do sad!! =”(

Reason why I sad?

I do have a high expectation on my MUET result. It is true that I did not revise well for MUET but I do confident with my English! One words to describe it “WTF” (or in Malay ‘bhuto!’) I also sad because I need to reseat MUET next semester at the same time I need to focus on my final. It is quite difficult to focus on two things at the same time. I need to focus on LDV, LDS, ES and SS dude!!! Can anyone understand my feeling right now? I need to spend RM 60 to reseat MUET and that is the third reason why I feel sad. =”( it is all about money dude!! Errrgh! Lucky for those got band 4 for their MUET because they can eat double cheese burger at Mc Donald for 6 times!! 6 set of double cheese burger is RM 60 but I have to spend it for MUET. What a waste!! =.=”

Congratulation to all my friends that got band 4 for their MUET!!!!

I have done several testimonials from the student about what they think of band 3! Check it out!!! Whuut.whuuut. =O

Nazrin Naz said “great bro!!! congratulation for your band 3. I also got band 3 and I will further my studies in engineering without any problems!”
* The problem is I am TESL student dude not engineering like you. =’(

Safiuddin Khir said “congratulation! I am happy with my band 3. yeaaayyy!! At least I got a band. hahaa. :D “
*happy with your band 3?  =.=”

Suhana Hashim said “I got band 3 because I take it without study anything. U are TESL student and I bet u do much better! Amar Arifin is a clever boy. :D”
*sukee ati ko lar sue. :p

Naim Mahadi said “there is no luck for us Amar! Don’t be sad because we can get band 6 next MUET. :D”
*I never dream to get band 6.  :’(

Arif Kubi said “why are you so tension? Let’s repeat those papers! “
*If and only if I can be as calm as you.

Kibod Beez said “result ko bape siaa?”
*speak English dude! :p

Moral of the story are do not be too confident with your knowledge on certain subject. Learning process is an unstoppable process of life. I promise to get my band 4 in the next semester. I always remember my father’s advised which is “buat sesuatu kena ada hasil! Kalo xdew hasil baik tak payah! Buang masa jerk!!!”  This is the first time I cannot reach my target abah. “selama nie ap gua ckp gua x penah buat ker?” sound rude right? =.=” what a sad feeling I had to bear alone deep in my heart! <3 I do thankful with my result but I will not satisfied because I deserved band 4!!! Thanks a lot for reading. I love my bigbear!!! ^^


  1. alolololo...siannye diee..kite serupa 3,hak3,bila mase plak aku ckp mcm kt atas tuh :P
    pasni ko kene quit maktab la mar!jadi cikgu sukan plak.HAHAHA..

  2. Oh Amar! Did I ever say like that? Not exactly right? Haha, whatever it is, there is still a long way to go through. Every cloud has it's silver lining! This rain is a blessed one and you have to believe that the light is awaiting for us at the back. Dia sayang kita sebab tu Dia uji kita Amar ! Chill dude ! :)

  3. sue: aku setuju ngan naim. aku xperlu quit maktab sbb aku taw aku bole wat TESL nie. BI aku bagos kowt. cume x dew rezeki lar.. :D naim pown terror BI tp nasib x menyebelahi die..ko jd lar cikgu sukan sorang2! :p

  4. naem: thanks dude! i guess you are right. it is just luck. i will try my best next time dude. let us get band 6 together!! yeah!!! :D

  5. HAHAHAHAHA...jadi lah cikgu bi tu ramai2!
    kalau xdpt band 6 nanti,blanje aku!:P

  6. sue: mmang seronok jd cikgu BI sue..bole ckp english slalu..ngee. :D

  7. amar, dont be sad,,, MUET is not the exact measurement 4 our proficiency in ENglish..i know u can do better,,,better than me, i want ya to be strong..MUET is not everything . it is just an entry point for degree programme. over time, i can guarantee that you will be proficient in, chillax, dont get tension2 r..hehehe..lap u

  8. hey dude, muet bukannya batu pengukur whether u good in language or not, it's just a medium to show u, where u need to polish up n maintain,
    xyah risau2,xyah ribut2,semua ok ja, just practice what u had learnt n bom! u boleh jadi expert,=p

    *btw, nie just opinion je*

  9. Amar, indeed we don't have to quit from this program okay !:) this maybe sounds arrogant or whatever, but I would say, muet is not really a good indicator to see at what level your English proficiency is. Let's try the best next time okay dude! ^^

  10. bulat: thankx dude! perhaps my band 3 is due to lack of revision for MUET. i will try harder next time. i really do need band 4! i count on this matter seriously.. :D

  11. farah: thanks for your opinion. i really do appreciate it! hmm. no luck lar..nk wat cnew kn?. :'( i will practices what i hv learn after this..thanks aite!

  12. naem: i strongly cling to your words! hey!! let'do better next time. i know that both of us deserve band 4! :D

  13. Chill aku pun band 3 lagi lah stress. Haha aku suka gila explanation ko part dorang band 4 boleh makan mcd 6 kali. Sumpah lawak. Hilang stress lol