Saturday, 18 June 2011

Maharaja Lawak live at JB !

"what a beautiful night! what a great performance!! what a supporting crowd!!!"

statement above describe how fantastic Maharaja Lawak live at JB ! I'm one of the crowd in the stadium yesterday. the event was held in Dewan tertutup MBJB , JOHOR. i decide to watch it live because this is the first time maharaja lawak performed live in JB. besides that, i would like to see all my favorite jokers face to face! you may have astro at your home but the experiences i gain was precious. Jokers who involved in the competition yesterday were JOZAN, JAMBU, NABIL, SEPAH, and R2.  

But my favorite is JAMBU!! I attracted at their joke since the first episode maharaja lawak. i went there with a pink shirt as a symbol that i am his follower! they will be in the final dude and it is not to late to vote for them. well, you can make a differences! 
in my opinion, yesterday was SEPAH'S night. i said so because of they are JOHOREAN and they performing for all johorean as if yesterday was a final. i really do in a cloud nine because of their performances. i noticed that they were all awesome and i think that all of them are champion!! 

it is not easy to get the ticket dude. a lot of people for instant, elder cititzen (makcik), teenage girls and people with asthma collapse in the middle of harsh crowd!! OMG!! it was an event that deal with life and death. i don't care about that because i manage to get the ticket and i am a strong man who did not collapse!!! even my friend who line up early could not get even one ticket!! thanks allah!! remember of what my father said "buat sesuatu kena ada hasil !" i cling on your words abah!! ^^ 
that is all about my experiences for being a spectators. i do enjoy the night as i was dancing in the moonlight. hahaa. :D peace yoo!! 


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