Saturday, 25 June 2011

Inequality is MANGO!

           Inequality happens in many countries and there are lots of things can be the causes of inequality. Inequality happens in United State, Rusia and Japan. I do think that inequality happened mostly in developed country. The causes of inequality to happen is when man and woman put a gap in between their ability for example, ability to lead a country. Inequality happen in my country which is Malaysia and the issues of inequality in Malaysia is man can be a better leader than woman.
             Leader should be a man. It is not easy to become a leader as leader needs to do hard works and facing problem every single day. As a leader, they should prepare themselves well in terms of physical and mental in order to lead a country or an organization well. We can see that man have well physical and mental state that required as criteria to be a good leader. Man can think rationally and do not easy to get depressed even after they facing a hardship throughout the day. Another advantage for man is that they have a stronger physical that can help them to do the hard work together with their workers and not only to point a finger and give commands. From the statement above, inequality happens obviously but the thing is nurture effect the nature which is man is more capable to be a good leader than a woman.
           Inequality between man and woman is being reduced nowadays. Reducing inequality can lead to a better life and abolish nonsense issues between man and woman. Reducing inequality shows that as human we can tolerate rather than fighting towards each other to prove who the best between man and woman is. In Malaysia, not only man who holding a position and conquer the parliament. Woman also becomes a part of parliament nowadays to show that woman can run the duty as a leader as well as man. It is true that there is still no woman who holds a position as a prime minister in Malaysia but there is certain country who believes in woman integrity as a leader. For instance, Maria Gloria Macapagal Aroyo has become a prime minister in Philippines. Country such as Australia also follows the steps to let woman lead the country and let Julian Gillard become a prime minister. This statement shows that inequality between man and woman is being reduced time by time. Issues on gender inequality supposed not to be raised as it will lead to unsatisfactory between man and woman.
                  As a conclusion, inequality does exist in our daily life. It is happened world wide and not only in a several country. Malaysia also faces with the inequality problem which is inequality between man and woman. Malaysian trust that man is more capable to be a leader and woman do not have enough talent to be a good leader like a man. However, inequality between man and woman is being reduce nowadays and woman should take this opportunities to prove that woman also can do what a man do and inequality between man and woman will be abolish forever.

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