Sunday, 12 June 2011

I'm coming home! =D

what a beautiful night at nazrin's house! hey.. it is a long time since my last post!! miss to write in this blog and i think this is the time to use full english in my blog! as we all know that English is a lingua-franca! yeah!! if u don't believe me do ask your teacher! hehe. :D
waiting for MUET result is a tremendous things i ever experienced. i feel scared dude!! what if i can't get band 4?..haa! u want to repeat those MUET paper for me? right! i hope i can get band 4 so that i will not waste RM 60 to repeat those paper..i'm sick of that! dear god..please help me! i'm begging u God!! i wanna be an English teacher!!
i really do miss my bigbear!!! she is in matriculation now..i'm so proud of u nurul shamin cumel!! actually cumel is the word to describe her and that word describe her well..thanks God because u make her fall in love with me..awww! hahaa. :D i just can't imagine how i am going to face this terrible life without her. 1234
holidays time is running out! ouch!! after this i have to face sem 3..a little excited feeling in my heart but i really do wanna score good pointer in my final! so that i confident in becoming an English teacher. SIR AMAR ARIFIN. great right! hehe.
the reason i put this picture because i am the hard die fan of hitler!! his hand is superb sometimes it looks like ultraman! hahaa. :D see you in the next post. i wanna check my MUET result! pray for me. :D


  1. ye ke nak sangt jadi cikgu english ni?:P
    xcaye aku!HAHAHA,,btw,band bape?hehe